Eye Am is an interconnected consciousness platform and collective. 

Providing integrated services, products and creations intentionalised to stimulate the evolution and protection of higher consciousness. 

.Eye.Am.Healing. - Consciousness Education & Resources  Holistic & Spiritual Energy Healing Services. Tools & Products.



.Eye.Am.Music. - Consciously Aligned And Protected Music Distribution For Independent Creative Vessels. Creative Development & Direction.

Energetic Protection & Healing. Mental Health Support. 

.Eye.Am.Clothing. - Eco Friendly, Organic and Sustainable Clothing 

.Eye.Am.InfiniteAbundance. - Abundance In All Forms Coaching & Guidance - Forex Market Education & Mentoring Alongside Mindset & Emotional Reprogramming 

Why "Eye" not "I"


A Transcendent

Soul Expressive Platform.

 Planted Within The Soils Of

Inspiration & Creation.

 Rooted Within The Lands Of Eternal

Love And Blessings. 


Compassion & Empathy Are Birthed Within Our Heart And Our Minds Eye.

They Are  Experienced In Our Reality By The Joining Of These Two Things.

 -Boo J Thomas, Founder