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Quantum Healer
Empathic & Artistic  Expresser
Plant Medicine Advocator
Creative Director
Transparent Truth Seeker

Intergalactic feeler

Clairsentient Counsellor

Spiritual Mentor 

Garment innovator

clothing designer

Change Maker

Forex Trader

body rights activist 

As A Vessel For The Divine it is my assigned mission to hold space of Eternal and Unconditional Love for all evolving souls who feel guided or drawn to connect with me. 

​Whether this is your first visit to this part of the site, or you’re a returning visitor, I’d like to thank you for believing, in me, and more importantly yourself. 

As a Mystic Mentor, Clairsentient Empathic Counsellor and a CMA Certified Crystal Energy worker, I am passionate about empowering, guiding and supporting others in connecting with their divine sacred energy, found within us and around us.

 "Eye Am Boo, Who Are You?" was birthed through this passion and understanding that I have been blessed with unique  energetic and emotional abilities that allow me to help others on their own path to self discovery, happiness and love; and Eye Am am willing and ready to help you on your journey through liberation of the soul.

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Services Available Conducted By Boo

For More information, Questions and bookings

Please Contact Me Via EMail Or instagram 


1:1 Spiritual Mentorship & Support Programs 

including but not limited to:

-Decalcification & Energy Anatomy Awareness Alignment

-"Spiritual Being - Human Experience" Support And Guidance

-Learn about the chakras and energy anatomy 

-Moon Energy, Intergalactic Alignment - 13:28 

-The awakening - Support Program

-Vibrational Healing using sound and mantras mentorship and guidance 

-Conscious Breathing & Affirmation Work 

Energetic Anatomy & Holistic Healing:

including but not limited to:

-Sound Healing

- Crystal Healing 

-Intergalactic Healing 

- Ascension Education & Support 

-Quantum Transmutation Energy Work

- Starseed, Indigo Child, Raindbow Child, Crystal Child Huan Experience Support & Protection.

Additional Services:

Berevament Support

Living with terminal illness support (individual and family support)

Emotional Support Guidance Calls 

Conscious, Sustainable Eco Friendly Clothing Printing 

Music Distribution & Creative Direction 

Forex Mentorship & Education 

Client & Customer Testimonials 

" I approached Boo when I was having difficulty dealing with the loss of a loved one. Rather than turning to anti depressants, or other means of medication, I decided to reach out to her and find out more about crystals. I was a very big skeptic at the beginning but I have an open mind and was willing to give it a go. Boo did a fantastic job on explaining to me why I felt the way I did, and what crystals could do to help me. Within days of talking to her, I had received through the post a package of crystals and a note explaining what would be best to do with the crystals. Since then, the feelings of depression and lack of energy have completely gone and do genuinely believe that they have had a positive effect on my well being. Very friendly and personal service and would highly recommend her to anyone considering alternative methods."

Boo's energy and being is amazing. Her role as a being is divine. Every time I am on her IG lives I feel a sense of rebirth. Her emotions break through the Internet with such grace. I felt her speaking to me on her live when she didn't directly mention me. When she did my reading on live I felt slightly refreshed and regained a sense of focus. Boo is one who is here to heal the world spiritually. She is a being acting as medicine for the human race. I honestly wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for her amazing work and energy.

"Boo is a bright ball of energy! Sent forth to shine her light I've personally been touched and blessed by her work as her energy shines through in all aspects of her work the healing that takes place with her  work is beyond what I was expecting and her soul expression always shines through in all she does the authenticity is always there and the selflessness bleeds through as she works I would definitely recommend her services to any one. 

Vincent :)

My first session with Boo was amazing. I went into it with an open mind as I have always been very sceptical. She made me feel safe in our conversations, I felt understood and from the very beginning I was already feeling my energy was changing to more positivity. The session wasn’t rushed, but very truthful, enlightening and loving. It completely changed my outlook on Spirituality and thanks to Boo, I am on a spiritual journey and I have and I’m still learning so much.

I have recommended her to my friends as I think she’s amazing in everything she does. I’m looking forward to booking my next session and also have discussed having crystals selected for me and my family.