Creative Protection, Development & Distribution


is an interconnected vibrational space and platform.

offering services which prioritise protecting & nurturing artistes as they evolve and share their craft.

100% revenue (no commission taken)

our mission:

To stimulate the action & understanding for the rebirth and realignment of the "entertainment" industry. 

to protect, nurture and amplify authentic and organic musical art and expression.


is passionate about exploring, embracing, and expressing the evolution of the human and spiritual journey, giving artists opportunity to reach their highest creative potential.

What Artistes Receive:

- Amplification & Exploration Of Their Creative Energy

- Consciously Aligned Distribution

- 100% Revenue For All Streams 

- Mental Health Support 

- Emotional Healing & Guidance

- Creative Artistic Development  Support 

- Financial Independence Coaching

- Eco Friendly & Sustainable Merchandising Services

- Higher Consciousness Support & Stimulation