including but not limited to:

-Decalcification Information 

- Unplugging From The Matrix & Reprogramming

-"Spiritual Being - Human Experience" Support And Guidance

-Learn about the chakras and energy anatomy

 -Moon Energy and Lunar Cycles, Intergalactic Alignment - 13:28

 -The awakening - Ascension Education & Support

- Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Work

- Shadow Work & Support

- Vibrational Healing using sound and mantras mentorship & guidance 

-Conscious Breathing & Affirmation Work ​​​​

-Quantum Transmutation Energy Work 

- Evolving your psychic and metaphysical abilities

- Empath Support, Guidance & Energetic Protection

- Starseed, Indigo Child, Rainbow Child, Crystal Child Human Experience Support & Protection.

Session by session - £44

4 week Mentorship - £144

6 week mentorship - £222

8 week mentorship  - £288

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select your preferred session option and the time which would work best for you for these sessions. please leave any additional information and\or questions, which eye will strive to answer when contacting you back to confirm your booking.

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